The importance of not drinking sea water

We should not drink it because sea water is salty and not drinkable.

Where does the sea salt come from?

When the first oceans were formed long ago, the salt that was on the surface of the ground dissolved in the water. For that reason, the water is salty, makes your eyes itch and cannot be drunk. The amount of salt varies according to the regions and according to the seasons: on average, a liter of seawater contains 30 grams of salt. If the salt contained in all the seas of the planet were spread over the surface of the Earth, it would form a layer 50 meters high!

The salt flats

Sea water is contained in ponds and then evaporates, transforming into steam. The salt is then collected with the help of large wooden rakes.


Salt is used to season and enhance the flavor of food. Furthermore, salt is also used for the chemical industry and for animal feed.



Dissolve: Dissolve means to melt and mix with a liquid.

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