Mandalas , as they say in India, or mandalas according to classical Sanskrit, are concentric symbolic representations (mainly in the form of circles) originally used by Hinduism and Buddhism for spiritual and meditation purposes. However, psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung has linked them to expressions of the collective unconscious. Although drawing it can have some important meaning in the emotional expression of the person who draws it, the truth is that painting it also has an important meaning related to mental relaxation . All these benefits are very important and that is why mandalas are very interesting and beneficial for children.


Benefits of mandalas for children

  • It is a way for children to express their feelings.

Children do not fully know themselves, and often do not know what to call the feeling that succumbs to them. That is why, for the most part, they express it with tears, as it is the best way to alleviate frustration, pain, anger, sadness, anguish, fear and even misdirected joy. That is why expressing emotions through art, such as drawing or painting, helps them feel in harmony with themselves.

  • It is a therapy that also distracts them.

Best of all, while mandala painting can be excellent therapy, children simply see it as fun interacting with them in a very natural way, which is always good for their leisure and enjoyment. This naturalness allows the child to express himself as he is; Furthermore, many psychologists and psychiatrists are capable of interpreting mandalas according to the shapes and colors expressed, which is also a very useful technique for entering the child’s mind.

  • They improve concentration and attention.

Mandalas help children improve their concentration and attention. It can be a good therapy for hyperactive or aggressive children. It’s a great way to channel the anxiety and aggression that some children may experience during difficult times in the family group or in other social settings.

  • They develop patience, perseverance and perseverance.

Another benefit is the patience, perseverance and perseverance that must be demonstrated to finish painting a mandala. Encourage your little ones to finish painting what they started, either in one or several days. The most energetic and hyperactive children may finish it in seconds, while other children can tire very quickly. Remind the latter every day that they have something to finish.

  • They increase creativity.

Being a free drawing or painting, they are allowed to develop their own mental path. The mandalas express routes or ways of the mind with respect to a subject. Choosing the colors for certain geometric figures, following a pattern or not following any is part of the child’s personality. When a mandala is finished there is an artistic expression to admire.


Enjoy it and try to understand its expression!

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