What does sea water contain?

Sea water is made up of minerals and plankton.

Mineral water

Billions of tons of minerals are dissolved in the sea and most of it is salt. The “sea salt” is the main element, but there are also the magnesium, fluorine, calcium or iodine salts, which have an extremely characteristic odor.

Living water

Tiny animals and vegetables float in seawater, and that’s what we call plankton. Some are so tiny that we can only see them through a microscope. Algae, meanwhile, form the so-called plant plankton. Animal plankton is made up of crustaceans, larvae … and the largest of these crustaceans only measure 2 cm!

The benefits of sea water

Seawater is so rich that it is used for many things, including cooking or curing. We call this action of healing through water thalassotherapy, which is practiced in specialized places. There, the benefits that exist for the health of the so-called trace elements are taken advantage of, such as iodine, very little, magnesium or zinc.

beneficios del agua




Thalassotherapy: therapy is a technique to heal. Thalassotherapy means healing through sea water.

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