4 ways for your kids to learn while playing with Legos

For more than 50 years, Legos have entertained countless children. These small construction toys are found in houses around the world, whether in the form of Lego Star Wars , Lego City ….

Lego pieces are fantastic and their uses are manifold. We have all spent afternoons building towers or more complicated designs when we were little and now we do it with our children. From the largest blocks, for the little ones, to the smallest and most complicated as they grow and they are capable of assembling figures with much more precision. Fortunately, all that time spent playing with Legos is not only fun for children, but beneficial as well.



  1. Fun math

    We can use Lego pieces to teach math in an entertaining way. They will not be able to resist. New York third grade school teacher Alycia Zimmerman uses the different sized blocks to introduce children to the basics of math. It’s a simple way to assimilate fractions, learn to square, and even average arithmetic. The different colors of the pieces make it easier for us to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, differentiating the object to be added or removed.

  2. Motor skills and concentration

    Fine motor development is the most obvious physical benefit. Fine motor skills are those that require movements of the small muscles. By manipulating the small Lego pieces the child works the motor activity of his hands. Following directions is also a benefit of Lego building. Many Lego kits come with step-by-step instructions that the child must follow to complete the task. This also favors concentration and patience.

  3. Plan to solve

    When a child builds with Legos, he is solving problems. You have to figure out which block is the best fit, the one that works for you, sometimes using trial and error. Learn to plan and organize. Building with Legos requires the child to have a plan before they build, even if it’s simple and straightforward. You must also organize your thoughts as well as the Lego pieces to carry out your purpose. All this will undoubtedly be a source of satisfaction for the child in achieving what was planned.

  4. Endless creativity

    The great benefit of creating without limit and with infinite possibilities is perhaps the greatest of Legos. Building encourages children’s creativity. Plus they can put aside the instructional kits and use only the Lego bricks to create whatever their minds can think of. Free and open play encourages children to think outside the box and unleash their imagination. A great way to explore ideas and discover with our children new paths that we did not know. Because it is about accompanying them from time to time in the game and getting lost with them in their creations. See life with other eyes, theirs, those of a child.


ni√Īos aprendiendo mientras juegan con Legos

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