Fractions represent an abstract knowledge for children that they cannot always see easily, and the same thing happened to many of us when we were little, so it is good to find resources that make this task easier and achieve empathy with the little ones.

That is why it is a good idea to bring the numbers into a visual field, where the child can relate the fraction to a specific image or thing , and this is where creativity comes into play. And it is that creativity plays a very important role in the search for activities that make mathematics more attractive for the little ones. At the same time, crafts also play a very important role in this dynamization of teaching, since they help children to better visualize the fact of adding and subtracting, to learn fractions and to better fix everything learned in memory.






Fun crafts to work on fractions


  • Create a pie with fractional felt

The cake is a very powerful visual object and an ideal manual activity for representing fractions. This activity will help children to familiarize themselves with a typical cake with which to work statistics at an early age. The idea is to make 4 cakes, a first complete cake to which the number 1 will be written; a second cake divided into two equal parts, and each piece will be placed ½; a third cake divided into 3, and each piece will be written the fraction 1/3; and finally, a fourth cake divided into 4 to which the fraction ¼ will be written on each piece.


  • Crafts for a quiet book of fractions

Another idea is to create a math quiet book where a special section is devoted to fractions. You can associate the basic fractions of ½, 1/3, ¼, etc., with objects that stick and take off as needed. You can also create a quiet book of recipes or meals, a topic that children will love and where fractions are also used a lot. Relating the fractions seen in math to everyday life , allows the child to develop logic and learn math better, even the most abstract concepts.


  • Fraction Bookmark Crafts

Another great idea is to make bookmarks out of recycled paper, cardstock, or cardboard. The decorative element must be the different fractions associated with a drawing that represents them. This favors the fixation of content and the relationship of the number with the drawing, helping to improve memory. It can also be done as part of some math activity and give points for that.


aprender fracciones



  • Crafts to make memory games

Memory games are important for the cognitive development of children, and these can be done in a simple and homemade way, simply by cutting and drawing cards from cardboard or cardboard. The idea is to associate a fraction with their own drawing, which is very beneficial, since children generally do not develop any images in their brain when a fraction is repeated .


Learning to add, learn to subtract , learn to work with fractions, these are not simple things for a young child, and that is why we must do everything possible to stimulate teaching and turn the compulsory didactics into more attractive activities, which allow to fix contents of a easier way.

That is why we hope you liked these craft ideas to learn fractions and that they can be useful at home or in your classroom math class. And if you have any other … share it with us in the comments!



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