The importance of respect for diversity

As human beings, although we share certain similarities on a physical level, we also have many differences between us . There is no human being who is completely the same as another even though they share physical similarities (as is the case with twins), since there will always be something that will differentiate them. And that is a symbol that the world is full of diversity. Diversity of races and religions, diversity of languages, diversity of cultures, etc …, and all kinds of diversity must be respected .


How should we teach our children?

Respect for diversity begins at home , when, despite having several children, one learns to respect them in their differences and not to compare them; to respect the interests and needs of each one and to let them know that their differences are precisely what make them so special.

But teaching children to respect and be aware of the importance of diversity is not only to let them know that we are all different , but to make them see that these differences must be accepted, even if we do not like them or do not agree with them. . It is our responsibility as parents to let them know that in the world there are different cultures different from ours, but that they equally deserve recognition, value and respect.

And when we speak of diversity we are not only referring to differences of culture, race or religion . Diversity is also about different ways of thinking or functioning (both physical, mental and behavioral). Many times we do not observe our own actions and we transmit messages to our children that are not necessarily respectful of the differences of the other, something that happens, for example, when it is recommended “not to play with naughty or very restless children”, or not to them we stop sharing with other people because we don’t share their way of thinking or way of seeing life

We must pay special attention to the answers that we adults would give to the question of what is different , because perhaps we have negative or undesirable ideas learned that we could be transmitting to our children.



Respect for diversity starts from knowing, we as adults, and being able to teach the little ones that, although we have differences, we all agree that there is something that makes us unique and special and that we all have a role that we must fulfill in the society in which we live. In this way we will allow them to live experiences that favor and strengthen the concepts of equality, harmony and responsibility for their own actions.

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