Before getting alarmed and thinking that our children have attention deficits, hyperactivity or worse, it would be good to turn to the most common things that happen to us in life, such as tiredness. And is that fatigue is the cause of most complex or irritating attitudes that children may adopt , as in the case of tantrums.

This means that when a child suffers a tantrum of those that seems to end our patience, it is simply because they are usually very tired. We as adults understand that the appropriate thing in this case would be to take a nap to rest and recharge the batteries , but the child does not understand this well and tends to understand it also as a punishment. Children, in the early stages, have problems relating the nap to rest since they relate the idea of sleeping with the fact that it is already at night and not during the day, among other causes.

If, in addition, when we tell him that he should get some sleep at nap time, we do things like interrupt his games, surely the child will not take the order well or perceive it as something positive for him. And that is why we must design simple strategies that help “cheat” or persuade, say, the little ones so that they can rest the hours they need and anticipate, in this way, the dreaded tantrums.

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Steps and practical tips

Some of the steps that we can follow so that children rest and do not suffer tantrums or temper tantrums due to lack of sleep, is to do simple things such as preparing the bathroom a little before the time that we consider appropriate for their rest, or to adopt routines after eating r such as lowering the blinds of the house a little or drawing the curtains and reading a good story , since with guidelines this simple the little ones will understand that it is time to relax and stop.

That we do the same is essential , since when children are young all they want is our company and to do what we do, so it would not be advisable to tell a child that he must stop playing or painting to go to school. sleep, if we are hooked on television, the computer or doing housework at an unbridled pace.

Let us remember that, even for us, fatigue tends to cause us irascibility and bad mood , just as it happens to them, with the great difference that they are not yet ready to channel this discomfort. Let us help them, therefore, in this important task and see how, over time, the tantrums go away by themselves.

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