What children will remember from their childhood

recuerdos infantiles A priori, as parents, we might think that the things that our children will remember the most when they are older are those that have required us a lot of effort , especially financial. Great trips, visits to theme parks, game consoles, Christmas gifts, etc. However, this is not real . When we are young, what we truly hope and value, even if we are not yet fully aware of it, is the love, attention and care that our parents give us.

Our children want us to accompany them when they go to school; they want us to be there at the foot of the canyon in their training sessions or artistic or sports exhibitions; they want to enjoy our time on vacations and during the rest of the year, in those wonderful moments that the routine and the warmth of our homes give a family day … It is this treatment of each day that really has a strong impact on our children and what will be an indisputable part of their memories in the future.

Children are very frequent who, as time goes by, keep a fierce memory of their grandparents because they have really been the ones who have raised them and taken them from here to there. The lack of time and the obsession to work as much as possible to increase our benefits and get more material things with them, means that many parents cannot share all the time they would like with their children, occupying the grandparents in this case (when they have that great fortune) his place.

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This type of situation clearly indicates to us the importance that children attach to quality time : the hours in the park swinging under the sun and the spring breeze in the company of their loved ones, the adventures that we are capable of creating with them. sharing their hobbies and hours of play, the way in which we make an effort to know what they like… Children need to see that, despite circumstances or difficulties, we are able to find time for them because, after all , they are supposed to be the most important thing in our lives.

And it is that “the good life” does not have to refer to the great luxuries that we can give ourselves because, isn’t time a luxury and everything that the passage of each of us through the world depends on?

It is true that we cannot stop working no matter how much it hurts and saddens us that our children share little time with us every day, but we can do our part, thanks to small gestures that cost nothing and are worth millions. Dedicate lots of kisses and hugs, say good night with lots of magic and thousands of stories, have tickle wars, share animated talks about how everyone’s day has gone … Details that do not require too much time from ourselves but that prove everything that we love each other.

Nobody is perfect and that is evident, but perhaps the key to feeling better and knowing that we are giving the best of ourselves to our most loved ones, the children, is the search for the balance between the fearful obligation and the best of possible devotions .

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