The Symphony of Animals: Dan Brown's First Children's Book

This book accompanies the reading of these children’s adventures with the soundtrack that completes this work that reaches bookstores on the way back to school

In this return to school in September, it is possible to enhance the happy roots that family reading time produces. New works, such as the one we present today in El Blog Infantil, hit bookstores. The Symphony of Animals is, as the title expresses, a work that delves into this universe from a multisensory perspective.

From a visual point of view, the pages are perfectly illustrated to tell stories through the evocative power of the image. But, in addition, this reading is linked to a mobile application from which it is possible to download those musical melodies that put the soundtrack to each of the pages of the story.

A reading accompanied by a soundtrack

The Symphony of Animals is a publication that invites you to discover the magic of optimism through those stories that leave this legacy in your heart. The seed of hope is very much alive in these fables that offer important values .

This is a book that deals in simple language, which is close to the reader, issues that are essential in the journey of happiness: self-esteem, patience, respect, joy …

This book is an invitation to share time with the family, together with the endearing protagonists of this work, in an interactive experience that presents enigmas and riddles .

Dan Brown Resume

Dan Brown, author of the book The Symphony of Animals , has a strong writing resume. His success is backed by the sales of his books. He has an international projection since his works have been translated into 56 languages. The Da Vinci Code is an expression of your success.

There are different aspects that you can value when giving a book to your child , for example, that the work is very visual. The symphony of animals has been perfectly represented by Susan Batori who has illustrated the project.

Plot from The Symphony of Animals

Children will enjoy the company of teacher Mouse, who stars in unforgettable stories together with a group of friends made up of, among other animals, kangaroos, elephants, whales and cheetahs .

This is a recommended book for children ages 3 and up. Each of the 44 pages of this beautiful symphony reveals the magic of another adventure. This new publication will not only feed children’s imagination from the literary point of view, but also surprises with its musical proposal. What other books would you like to recommend this back to school to inspire other families? In the first image of this post you can see the artistic cover of the book that we are discussing today in El Blog Infantil.

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