What is the pink bubble technique and how to apply it in children

We have already talked on different occasions about how children also suffer from stress and anxiety , and how we can try to solve it and improve their quality of life through a series of techniques aimed at releasing stress. For example, the frog technique , or mindfulness … But today we are going to talk about another innovative and very simple technique with the same objectives to be achieved: “the pink bubble technique”.

The pink bubble technique is a technique that is applied in children to reduce their anxiety and stress. Many people believe that children do not suffer from stress because they have nothing to worry about, but this is not the case, since at any age we can have fears, frustrations, nerves and certain problems . And is that the stress in our body is caused by fatigue, facing unknown things …, elements that children are not exempt from, much less. In fact, children are faced with something new every day, new learning, new caregivers, new friends and new situations. Therefore, learning the pink bubble technique will help you release that stress that accumulates during the day.





Steps to apply this bubble technique in children

  • First of all, it is important to use the color pink because it is a color that is associated with tranquility , trust and security, especially in the little ones. In such a way that what is sought with the pink bubble is to provide tranquility and calm.
  • Sometimes children are afraid of something, even though we don’t quite understand why. If you have children or students to whom it happens, ask them openly what they are afraid of. Communication will be key in this whole process and in the success of the technique .
  • Then ask the child in question to relax, lie down on their bed or on a mat, and close their eyes. Now, invite him to breathe slowly, inhaling the air through the nose and exhaling it through the mouth very calmly.
  • Now is the time to spark his imagination, so ask him to think about what scares him and let him wrap himself in a pink bubble of well-being and protection . Then ask him to let the pink bubble go far away, to the country beyond. You will see how little by little the expression on his face begins to change, to relax .
  • For a greater effectiveness of this method, you can put a relaxing background music or find a pompero with which to set the mood and be able to play later.


The importance of helping in this relaxation process

Symptoms of anxiety and stress are common in children from the moment they are born. Our goal as parents or teachers should be to help them relax and feel safe. That tranquility and confidence in childhood is what will allow them to be safe adults with good mental health.

The method will also help them learn a way to self-relax, which will make them more emotionally autonomous. Thus, they will be children who suffer less from headaches, emotional asthma or allergies, because emotional tranquility has a very positive and decisive effect on physical health as well.




Finally, help them at all times and properly explain the method and the way in which it is going to work, since it is good for children to be aware that being nervous and worried is not at all good for our health. In addition, monitoring and leading the entire process will allow you to learn more about the little ones and know what their fears and concerns are. It is a way, in short, to create links and let them know that you care about them. Bubbles are also a very beautiful symbol that all children love, so they will be, sure, willing to participate and play happily with them once they are calmer.


Nerves out and play and breathe!

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