Can TV help in the education of the little ones?

Many think that television is not good for the education of children , but this, in reality, is a mistake. And it is that there are several programs that have been created, over time, so that children have fun learning. In them the little ones could and can learn many things, such as words, numbers, letters, objects, certain concepts, etc.

That is to say, it is not that television is not a good mechanism to learn new things in general, but that there are certain types of programs that can be positive in this regard. It is true that the quality of television in recent years (in terms of programming and, above all, ideal content for children) has decreased a lot compared to previous decades, but there are still many of us who remember such legendary programs as Barrio Sesame , with excellent and simple contents for the little ones.

Exposing a child to new things is helping him succeed when he starts school, for example. That is why it is important that as parents we do not prevent the little ones from sitting down and watching TV for a while, since while these programs are didactic and educational , to a greater or lesser extent, we can get great benefits from it, as well as spend an excellent time and in the warmth of home in the company of our little great treasures.


The question stage

There are times when children “saturate” us with too many questions , and although this is a common stage of childhood, the truth is that it can double when it comes to watching television and can become exasperating. The important thing, in these cases, is to remain calm and patient and attend to all the doubts that may arise , since in this way we will be getting something positive out of the children watching television and being able to satisfy their curiosity and learn new things. Doing the opposite, that is, ignoring the children’s requirements when they watch television and have doubts, will only make the little ones face a box full of content that they will not know how to handle, something that without a doubt they will not we must allow as parents.

Be happy when your child asks you questions, since that means that he is a smart child and that he wants to know and learn new things. The child will probably ask you the same question several times, but before you get angry or despair, remember that children finally learn first what their parents repeat the most.


Things we can do as parents when watching TV

  • Encourage your child to ask as many questions as they want , as that means that they are eager to learn.
  • Find out the answers to the questions that you did not know how to answer , so the child will realize that you are helping him in his search.
  • Show him unknown things and so the child will want to ask many things and discover much more. Remember that stimulating their curiosity is also an important source of personal development.
  • Ask the child questions about the program he is watching , this will make the little one even more interested in what he is learning.
  • Let him know how entertaining you found the show, and he’ll realize it’s something he can share with you .
  • Do not force the child to watch a program just because you find it interesting , and much less when it comes to programming not dedicated to the little ones.

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