Raising children in the love of reading is something very important, and for this we must familiarize the little ones with words, with pages … in the joy that a good and fascinating story can bring. When parents enjoy reading and dedicate space and time to books at home , it is highly likely that their children will grow up understanding that books are valuable and do not hesitate to approach them.

It is true that day-to-day life seems to make it increasingly impossible to have quality time and dedicate it to books in the company of children, but it is very important to be able to find those time gaps , as we would dedicate it to any other objective that consider it important. To achieve this, we can establish a series of guidelines that will make it possible for us to have time to read together as a family and for children to acquire a love for reading. You just have to learn to develop the following habits.

What we can do to instill a love of reading

  • Keep books close to children. It is very important that there is a notable presence of books in a house, so that when children grow up they do not see that in their house there is only room for the television or for the game console. Lead with the example you want for your children.
  • Make reading part of your daily routine. Try to bring the reading routine closer to your children. Always have a book nearby, on the table in the living room or on the bedside table, and allow your children to also enjoy their daily reading time so that they can take pleasure and love, for example, reading a little before leaving. to sleep. Staying curled up in bed with a good story can be a perfect discipline to wake up relaxed and face the day well.
  • Find a library group for your children. In libraries it is common to do activities for children, or to create age-appropriate reading groups. Feel free to take your children and have a good time making new friends along the way.
  • Add fun to boring tasks. Do your children resist doing things like bathing or eating? Well, try to move the mobile away from their reach and change those moments of disobedience for moments of reading, accompanied by a good bubble bath or while you give them the food in small pieces so that they relax and associate these moments with moments of placidity.
  • Always make reading a special gift . When it is time for gifts or the birthday of your children or a colleague is approaching, always look for beautiful and special books to give away, since this way children will associate books with very special gifts and made with the heart.
  • Create adapted reading spaces for them . Always have books within reach when the children are alone in their room, or do not go to share those moments of reading with them for whatever reason. Creating attractive reading spaces adapted to their size is essential for them to see the moment of reading as their own and not always as an activity to be done together with an adult.

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