Best apps and websites to recreate the magic of the Magi

Traditions remain the same over time, but they must also adapt to the world of our little ones, who are increasingly technological. That is why Santa, the Child Jesus and the Three Wise Men have sought out helpers who know more about technology than they do in order to reach our children and continue giving out many gifts and love. Let’s see the most outstanding helpers that the Magi have found to reach the families of this new era.


Applications and websites of the Magi


  1. @Wise men

The Three Wise Men have already opened their own twitter account to respond to the requests of the little ones, even the big ones too. Write to @ReyesMagos with your requests and comments and they will surely answer you.


  1. SantApp

It is an application compatible with Android and iOS and is completely free to download. With this application you can recreate the entrance of the Three Wise Men home through a recording that is recorded on the phone. In the recording you can hear sounds and conversations between the Three Wise Men, who will name up to 3 children of the house. The application is deactivated on its own in case the children are very curious and surprise the room.


  1. Amazing Christmas website

This website gives you the opportunity to recreate a video where the 3 Wise Men appear giving personalized advice with the names and messages of your own son. Can you imagine your son’s surprised face? There is a version for children and another for adults. It has a downloadable version for Android and another for Apples.


  1. Interactive app “The Three Kings are cooler”

It is an application that allows children to make an interactive letter to the Three Kings in which it can be personalized with the child’s name and photo. Bring some games for the children as they write their letter. The application has been developed by Silice Tecnología y Servicios, it is available for Android and iOS.


  1. King advisor

It is an application that measures the behavior of children at home through a mathematical algorithm; In addition, a call can be generated from the Magi themselves, congratulating or reprimanding the children according to their behavior. It is available for Android and is completely free. An ideal application for very naughty little ones!


  1. History of the Magi

It is a paid application that tells the story of the Magi through 18 scenes. It contains interactive surprises, puzzles, movements and sounds designed to surprise the little ones at home. It has been developed by E-learning Factory, SL


So choose one or use them all this January 6 so that the magic in your family continues from generation to generation and… Happy Kings!


mejores app de reyes magos

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