The short that helps children work on emotions: "Just breathe"

Discover the short that is revolutionizing the networks: “Just breathe”

Today children accumulate as much, or more stress, than their parents. The schedules, the full schedules, the competitiveness, a world that they are beginning to know and still do not understand, an overdose of information sometimes without an intermediary to explain it …, too many stimuli that make it suddenly explode, get out of hand and don’t know how to channel your anger and calm down. Nerves that call for more nerves and that desperate parents. Tantrums, aggressiveness, bad mood, tiredness, frustration, resentment, crying … And we, without knowing how to control that situation, tired and lost. With little patience, especially, depending on what time it is.

At this point, if we feel identified, it is well worth seeing together with them this magnificent short that comes to stay in the retina of everyone who sees it. If you still don’t know it, this is your chance.

The idea was born when Julie Bayer Salzman and Josh Salzman listened to their 5-year-old son talk with a friend about how his emotions affect his head and how he calms down breathing, an excellent exercise for both children and adults.

In the video we see many boys and girls explaining what happens to their body when they get angry and feel angry and aggressive, to end by saying what can be done to control that tremendous explosion of uncontrolled genius, which is simply to breathe , knowing how to breathe to relieve tension and calm the body.

Returning to the center, to balance, to be able to calm down and handle the situation from objectivity is the aim that the video seeks, and if it is put into practice its teaching is really infallible. Also among family members we can help each other to achieve it.

If it is already wonderful for an adult to do it, for a child to achieve it, is to make sure that they have the best and most difficult tool there is: self-control, which, without a doubt, we will appreciate in the future. María Montessori’s bottle of calm takes on a new dimension in our days, and perhaps that is why this short has become so viral. Be that as it may and under whatever method, the truth is that the generations that pass, we continue to suffer and develop the same problems. Problems that could be solved with the simplest techniques.

So let’s watch the video and relax as a family. It will surely be one of the most beautiful experiences we can have together and it will serve them forever.

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