A teacher who has these characteristics, in addition to being remembered by his students, will undoubtedly be an example of values for them. The student-teacher relationship, if it is done from the heart, is a perfect symbiosis: teaching is a gift , a luck, and being shown knowledge with this passion and dedication is almost, almost teaching you to live.

Let’s see how that unforgettable teacher should be:

Is patient

Patience should go hand in hand with teaching. Not all students are the same or go at the same pace. Being calm so that everyone reaches the goal and transmitting calm and confidence while they do it, is a quality that every good teacher possesses.

He cares about his students

Teaching is not arriving, giving the talk and leaving. It is knowing who each child is in front of the classroom. Knowing each one and being clear about their weak points, their way of being or if they have problems, is essential to be able to reach them and if necessary, help them, both at school and personally.

Enjoy teaching

A teacher who likes his subject and is happy transmitting his knowledge will find it easier to spread that illusion. Thus, children will be able to understand the concepts more easily and, why not ?, make the subject their favorite.

It is not rigid

Learning must be open to improvisation. Because the days are different, the students and the moods too, and you have to know how to adapt and, if necessary, modify the rhythm and the way of explaining or teaching.


Talking is as important as listening. Getting students to participate in the class knowing that their opinion will be taken into account and even debated is a great step towards achieving a more dynamic group, with enthusiasm and initiative.


A good teacher doesn’t need to scream to impose himself. Respect is earned without punishment and without raising your voice, you get by setting an example. If a teacher respects his students no matter how young they are, gives them the place they deserve and makes them feel responsible and valued, they will receive the same treatment back.

Does not stop forming

He remains active and up-to-date in any advancement in his profession, knowing the latest educational techniques and humbly learning from other teachers. Life advances and you have to walk with it, especially when we talk about teaching and children, two fields that are in continuous evolution.

Motivates to think for oneself

Debating ideas, facing positions, arguing healthily and not settling for the first option is essential to teach children to think for themselves and develop curiosity as well as critical thinking. This will boost your self-esteem immediately.

Maintains contact with parents

It is essential to know who the parents or guardians of the little ones are. Knowing your environment and having fluid communication with it will help you to be closer to your students. Also being open to answering questions and hearing suggestions will always be a good option.

Motivates to learn

He knows how to awaken the interest of children in his subject, using the strategies he deems appropriate to stimulate the curiosity of the little ones and get them to want to know more every day without hardly noticing.


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