Sea waves

The wind is in charge of creating the waves, and it does it very far from the beach.

  The journey of the waves

The waves are born in the middle of the ocean, when the wind blows for a certain time in the same direction. The stronger the wind, the higher the waves. Then the waves continue on their way even though the wind has stopped blowing. They descend, lengthen and become more regular to transform into waves, and are capable of traveling long distances. South of the Pacific Ocean the waves are so high that the sight of them gives you chills. Not even experienced surfers dare with them.

The storm out to sea

Little by little, the waves are approaching the shoreline. As they reach the coast, they transform. As the sea is shallow at this point, the wave weakens and the movement of the water slows down. The cusp of the waves rises even higher and then breaks against the shore. Thus, on a calm day, it is not uncommon to see large waves arriving on the beach from nowhere, like the memory of a storm that rages in the ocean in the distance.




Coastline: the coastline is the seashore, the coast and the beaches.


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