50 Activities to work and stimulate children's motor skills

With these 50 ideas, it will be very easy for you to develop motor activity in your child . Try them!

First list

  1. Put different toys and objects with different textures within the child’s reach that can stimulate them.
  2. Put clothespins on a rope and hang photos, drawings, papers.
  3. Make a box with holes of different sizes, put objects in and have the child take them out.
  4. Search a container with sand for hidden things.
  5. Provide the child with switches to turn it off and on .
  6. Open and close jars .
  7. Transfer sugar from one pot to another with a spoon.
  8. Dot with a pencil or pen on a piece of paper.
  9. Put coins in a piggy bank.
  10. Break paper with your hands.
  11. Fold pieces of paper.
  12. Make pasta necklaces.
  13. Make braids with wool .
  14. Make necklaces with beads or beads.
  15. Sand any wood-like surface.
  16. Stamping stamps or objects soaked in ink.
  17. Play with play dough, sand, or mud .
  18. Fill molds with different materials.
  19. Play with finger puppets.
  20. Drum your fingers on the table.
  21. Paint with your fingers with appropriate paint for it.
  22. Paint with pencils, waxes or tempera.
  23. Trim with scissors.

Second list

  1. Use tweezers to deposit things from one place to another.
  2. Use the index finger and thumb as forceps to transfer seeds or legumes from one container to another .
  3. Wrap little things in paper.
  4. Screw caps and caps of different containers and bottles.
  5. Cut in a straight line, then in a curve.
  6. Use the awl on the marked line.
  7. Make plasticine curlers and cut them with a knife or scissors.
  8. Experiment with objects of different texture and size: knead, shake, shake, squeeze, stroke)
  9. With the palms of the hands we play to join the fingers, separate them, join the palms, separate them.
  10. Typing fake.
  11. Climbing wall with your fingers.
  12. Walking surface with fingers.
  13. Release the fingers from the fist when counting.
  14. Say no and yes with your fingers and hands.
  15. Play with small balls, squeezing them and passing them from one hand to another.
  16. Form crumpled paper balls .
  17. Make free-form traces in sand or dirt.
  18. While we sing children’s songs we make gestures with our hands, imitating what the lyrics of the song say.
  19. Rotate your hands with extended fists and then open hands.
  20. Wrap a ribbon around a wooden stick, make a bow, tie it, wrap it.
  21. Build towers with building blocks or with the things we play.
  22. Stretch rubber bands and elastics and roll them up on a stick or cardboard tubes. They serve as toilet paper.
  23. Stick stickers freely and also following a figure.
  24. Use triangular pencil for coloring and writing.
  25. Pick up pieces of paper or small objects from the ground with the broom.
  26. Fastening and unbuttoning buttons.
  27. Screw and unscrew nuts and bolts.

These exercises are for children from 3-4 years old always with the supervision of an adult , of course.

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