Everything you need to know about Montessori pedagogy

Montessori pedagogy is a method of scientific pedagogy proposed by María Montessori at the beginning of the 20th century. Montessori was working as an assistant in the department of psychiatry when she observed how children who were then called “asylum” due to intellectual disability problems, were treated as “insane” people and at the same time as adults, without any special attention. The children did not have access to games or the right to a childish environment, and it is from that moment that María Montessori decides to get down to work to try to change that situation that she considered totally unacceptable.

Only that reaction already reveals the way in which Montessori conceived a completely different way of instructing and educating the little ones , more human, and of course pedagogical. That is to say, I create my own pedagogical method from there that is undoubtedly worth knowing for all the benefits it has for children and for society in general, and that is as alive as the first day.


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The beginnings of María Montessori’s proposal

  María Montessori tried to combine medicine with pedagogy in a very successful way, and she was the first woman in Italy to achieve her medical degree at a time when education for women was very complex in half the world. Later he graduated in psychiatry and psychology, but his eagerness for studies did not stop at that point and he wanted to continue training, also betting on careers and disciplines such as engineering, biology, philosophy and anthropology.

This unique mix of knowledge is probably a very important part of the entire educational philosophy of María Montessori, as well as what made her find solutions to the educational landscape in medicine. To these solutions based on his medical experience, he was able to add the thought provided by engineering and an entirely unique pedagogical concept as a whole.

But in the midst of her ideas, Montessori also devised and designed games so that children could manipulate with their hands and enhance their fine motor skills. Later he also got involved in somewhat larger projects, such as those that had to do with the manufacture of special tables and chairs for the greater well-being of children.


What is the exact proposal of the Montessori method?

  The so-called Maria Montessori method is focused on improving the education of children and based on three key points that are: the child, the environment and the guide.


  • The boy

For this methodology the child is the center of the project. The child is allowed to learn at his own pace , giving him the opportunity to make mistakes and to learn from his own processes and mistakes. In the pedagogy of María Montessori it is said that the child must build his own learning because he is the fundamental protagonist of it without discussion.





  • The environment

The environment where the child is must be stimulating for the project to be successful, transmitting calm, peace and serenity . In order to achieve this environment, you have to choose materials and forms in which the design evokes the ingenuity and creativity of the little ones and also of the instructors.


  • He or the guide

He or the guide in Montessori pedagogy is what in traditional pedagogy we know as the teacher, who according to María Montessori must give the child the leading role. His work is direct and personalized observation to help the little ones to develop their capacities , promoting autonomy in the greatest possible way at an early age.

In Spain some schools are already very familiar with this Montessori method, although most of it is privately owned. This way of being applied more and more in more schools nationally and internationally indicates that Montessori pedagogy was a very effective system that does not lose steam with the passage of time, much less. However, it also puts us in front of that reality that alienates children with fewer resources, due to lack of interest and / or public investment, from this revolutionary methodology that was that of María Montessori.

It would be interesting for representatives of the national educational system to take into consideration the contribution of this method to children’s pedagogy and available to all …


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