Rafting is usually practiced in rivers and streams .

Raft thrill!

Raft is an English word that means raft , so if you go rafting, your journey will surely be aboard one. Currently they are inflatable rafts for several passengers. Rafting allows you to quickly descend a river or a mountain stream without taking too many risks: the air-filled sides of the raft cushion the blows if it hits, for example, against rocks.

Whims of water

Navigating a torrent or a rough river you can find eddies, rapids with obstacles in some places, pointed rocks, tree trunks … and sometimes you also have to descend through small waterfalls up to 3 meters high and through violent rapids with very strong currents .

A stable boat

A raft is the easiest way to go down a river. Other small boats like the kayak or canoe , in which you go on your knees, are less stable: when they capsize it is difficult to turn them over. Another possibility is the riverboard , a board on which you lie down to sail through the whitewater.


Rapid: Part of the river where the water flows more violently or the current accelerates and becomes very strong.

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