Today we bring you a very simple resource , but no less efficient and valuable for that. This is a tool with which you can create different calligraphy exercises for your children to practice non-stop until they can write legibly and correct small vices (such as twisting, not respecting the margins, etc.) that would be a pain in the old age. little more difficult to amend. Whether they are just getting started in writing or are already a little familiar with it, this is a perfect utility for them.

The calligraphy exercises finally created are generated in .PDF format and saved on the computer so that they can be used whenever you want without having to create them again; these files can then be printed out for the child to complete. They allow inserting the child’s name, as well as the date of completion of the exercises, thus becoming a perfect instrument for parents to control their child’s improvements; thus it also ends up being an ideal tool for teachers , since not only can they measure the progress of the same student, but it also allows them to keep track of several students at the same time.

It is an application that is used in online mode, without having to download it, allowing the creation of unlimited exercises, which is great!

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The tool for creating calligraphy exercises could not be simpler, everything is reduced to a single form where some basic and essential information must be filled in to generate the activities. We can choose the language with which to work, we have Spanish, Catalan, Valencian, English, French and Galician available. Next we will choose a heading for the page, for example, the type of exercise that we will propose, then a phrase for the footer (all this is optional) and then the text that will make up the activity and that the child will have to follow as guide.

Finally, we will only have to choose the mode (the type of box) in which the sentences will be displayed: dotted (the famous Montessori pattern), as a simple line or by means of a grid, then the number of lines of the activity and the font that we want (we are given a choice between three fonts). Click on “Generate” and voila! It couldn’t be faster and easier.

What is really interesting about this tool is that while they try to improve the way of forming letters correctly and writing clearly , at the same time we can be incorporating any linguistic norms (for example, spelling rules) that serve them as learning or review.

How to access the tool? Easy, through this link:

It is fair to thank the author of this application, Bartolomé Sintes Marco , for his generosity in publishing it and offering it for free. We hope that, when the time comes, you will make the most of it.

The work strategy is very interesting, thanks for your dedication, within the options you only work with italics, which prevents you from being able to use it since the institution only works with script. Is there a way to change the letter by script? Thank you

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Excellent exercises of great help

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Excellent maternal, it has served me a lot in my teaching work.

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