We recommend 10 movies to watch with children this Christmas

School holidays and Christmas atmosphere are the right combination to get together as a family to watch some of the fun and endearing Christmas movies, which will surely delight children and adults alike. This is our selection… Enjoy it!

  • Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skeleton lives in Halloween Town and by chance discovers the city of Christmas, being fascinated by everything he sees. He decides that he wants to control everything the party means and there begins an adventure full of misunderstandings and situations as tender as they are strange. Tim Burton delights the whole family in this film that also contains several musical numbers.

  • Ghosts attack the boss

Dickens’s famous Christmas Carol is covered in this film that features the great Bill Murray. Directed by Richard Donner, it combines the special effects of the time with the comedy of Murray, keeping the essence of the original story. Hilarious.

  • The Gremlins

Entertaining and very crazy, this essential comedy by Joe Dante remains current despite the years. Set around Christmas time, it tells the story of a town that is invaded by strange beings called gremlins. It is time for you to enjoy it with your children.

  • A father in distress

Arnold Scharzenegger is desperately searching for the star Christmas toy Turbo Man for his son. Crazy story that, released in ’96 with all the topics of Christmas humor, will surely amuse your children. Join them and share that time with them.

  • Polar express

On the night of December 24, a train appears in the room of an 8-year-old boy who was beginning to doubt the spirit of Christmas. A trip to the North Pole awaits you to feel the magic of these endearing dates up close. Wonderful staging, it is perfect for a December afternoon with the family.

  • Elf

A Santa Claus elf who discovers that he is actually human and goes to New York with the intention of meeting his biological father, while sowing the illusion of the spirit of Christmas in his wake. Laughter assured with Will Ferrer.

  • Magorium and its magic shop

Mr. Magorium is 243 years old and decides that it is time to leave his incredible store in the hands of his young assistant Molly Mahoney, but when this happens the color and joy turns gray and serious. We will have to discover how to restore light to toys. Nothing more and nothing less than Dustin Hoffman and Natalie Portman tell us a beautiful story to watch warm at home at Christmas.

  • Arthur Christmas

How does Santa Claus deliver all the presents in one night? The answer is in this family comedy that you cannot miss. Arthur, the son of Santa Claus has a lot to do with it, he is the only thing that we anticipate …

  • The Grinch

A kind of green elf who hates Christmas and decides to steal everyone’s gifts from his neighboring town. Jim Carrey in his most Christmas version, or not …

  • Mickey discovers Christmas

The classic Disney characters, Mickey Mouse and his friends, relive three stories of Christmas past in which the magic of Christmas, love and friendship are protagonists. Ideal for the little ones in the house.



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