Childhood post-vacation syndrome: 5 signs in children

We return from vacation, from having no schedule, from doing almost what we want without pressure or obligations. Think that if we accuse the return to work it is logical that the children do it with school. Here are the symptoms that something is wrong and how to fix it . Don’t worry, it will only be a few days until everything is back to normal. Let’s do it!

He is very sleepy

It is logical because from one day to the next we change the general schedule and from sleeping late now you have to get up very early. This is relatively easy to alleviate. You have to go to bed early , it is very important to rest well and get up in time so you don’t rush to stress everyone. It would be great if we could adapt the new schedule a week before classes start so as not to suffer too much at the beginning. So you know, you can start lifting it a little earlier each day in the morning.

Are overwhelmed and / or unmotivated

You’re probably thinking: like me. Well, there you have a key to improve, change your attitude, routine is an ideal excuse to organize and be more active and healthy . Instead of complaining, transmit optimism to your child and celebrate the return as the opportunity to change what we do not like, learn and do new things. Sit down with him, you can make a list of activities that you would like to do in this term, such as proposing a movie day, a different extracurricular activity, a walk that you like, fun family dinners … It would also be positive to make a home schedule that is the view of all and in which the weekend or at least Sunday is free for whatever arises.

síndrome postvacacional infantil

Does not eat well

The change of season and diet is difficult and the child may not have an appetite or even the opposite, may be hungry at all times. There is an adaptation process that you have to go through. But as soon as he has a few set hours to eat and a nutritious and varied diet , you will see how he adapts and regulates his meals. It is interesting to make menus for the week to plan and make you participate in them. You will see how you understand that you have to eat vegetables as much as a hamburger, for example. Nothing like including the little one in the plans so that he really understands and gets involved.

Is irritable

Patience a lot of patience. If it becomes impossible, the best weapon is distraction. For example, let’s change the most immediate environment : tidy up the room, move the furniture around, decorate the walls differently with your favorite works or characters … it doesn’t matter what comes to mind, the fact is that it shows that we are starting a new renewed cycle and with energy. And let him entertain himself to forget his anger. These changes not only apply in your room, but in the whole house, let’s take advantage of the summer energy to inspire us all.

He feels sad

Here there is only room for a lot of love : games, talks, laughter, every tool is little to combat that sadness of the return. The reasons range from missing summer friends to feeling the chill of fall. We are like that too but we are adults and we can understand it. He still does not know very well what is wrong with him, so it is good that until a few days of the course have passed and he has adapted, we talk a lot with him about everything that is happening and we try to see him with humor, rich foods that he likes and a relaxed play time with mom or dad. It sure will help us too!

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