The other names of the jungle

The jungle is also called virgin forest or green hell.

Lianas kingdom

In the hot and humid jungle vegetation develops very quickly. Trees are huge and grow on top of each other. Lianas are abundant: 8% of the plants in the jungle are lianas. They cling to logs and sometimes climb up to 200 meters high in search of light.

Sun, where are you?

The sun with difficulty cuts through the thick vegetation of the jungle. Fortunately, moist soil allows many plants and flowers to thrive. Some, like violets, are gigantic. Others grow on trees, such as orchids, moss, and some mushrooms.

To each his food

Thousands and thousands of insects live in the jungle. They are the menu of many birds which, in turn, are food for pythons and civets, fearsome hunters. Snakes and small mammals are prey for big cats, such as the tiger or the panther.


Abundant: in the jungle, trees and insects abound, which means that they are very numerous.

la jungla

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