Onion and lemon syrup

The throat clearing typical of aphonia can be relieved with an onion and lemon maceration that is easy to prepare and quickly administered.

To prepare it, use a small onion and a lemon. Cut the onion into small pieces and mix it with the lemon juice in a bowl. Add water to cover the onion. Let the preparation marinate overnight. Filter it and pour the liquid into a glass.

It is best for your child to drink the preparation through a straw, very slowly so that the anti-inflammatory and antibiotic action of the mixture takes effect.

Onion and brown sugar based syrup

A very old home remedy is to make a preparation with an onion and brown sugar. Cut the onion as if it were for a salad. Cover it with brown sugar. Add the juice of one or two lemons, and a little water (until it is covered) and let it marinate for about 6 hours.

When ready, take a tablespoon of the preparation every 8 hours. Thus we can relieve cough and improve expectoration .

Washes with water and salt

To clean the airways , this remedy is much better than the nasal sprays that we buy in pharmacies. To prepare it, heat in a saucepan half a liter of water with a tablespoon of fine salt, and, with a 5 ml syringe, direct the jet into the nostril. Although it may be a bit unpleasant, it cleanses and hydrates the mucosa and clears the nasal passages.

Inhale vapors

Water mixed with infusions of thyme, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, hyssop or sage improves the expectorant action and the entry of air into the nasal passages . Eucalyptus is good only for adults, as it can cause complications for children.

Place a tablespoon of macerated or leafy herb in a 20 cm saucepan. of hot water, cover the patient with a towel so that he can steam for 10 minutes, once an hour.

Chicken or hen soup

Not only does it feed and provide proteins with which to repair white blood cells, it also helps to better control our body temperature and, if we add vegetables, it can complete our nutrition at such a necessary time.

You can make a soup for several times with six sliced yellow onions, a carrot, a leek, a potato, half a chicken, four teaspoons of sugar, and half a baguette cut into toasted slices.

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