Children are not defined by their school grades

Your child is not the grade they get on a test, not even the grade they get at the end of the course. This which should be obvious to many parents is sometimes not. Influenced by the social pressure that exists around the school and its results (the obligatory question for every child is “how are you doing in school” or “how are your grades?”) We value our children for their grades before any another aspect of his life .

Many of you will think that it is your job and your responsibility to get good results in school. And yes, at the end of the day they do not do anything else and should strive to achieve a good average, but it is important that in this regard we have two things clear: if it is not easy for them to perform in class, let us help them by analyzing why: missing of interest, difficulty understanding the teacher, overcrowded classrooms, personal problems … Surely we can do something about it. In fact, only by showing real interest and intention to solve it , our son will greatly value it. Let’s think that not all jobs that we can have are the same and let’s transfer that feeling to the one that the child may have, so it will be easier for us to find an effective alternative. It’s only a few years until you get out of compulsory education and choose what you like to study, let’s enhance what they are good at and alleviate what repels them. Talking with them from the understanding we will surely arrive at a path that is more pleasant for them and that facilitates the school routine if it becomes difficult for them.

The other aspect to be clear about to demand responsibility from them at school is to value other qualities above grades and, of course, that they know that we do it: The grades can be good or regular, ok, but you are not a 3 , a 6 or a 10. You are a thousand more things than a number.

These are the skills that if your child has, you have to celebrate:

Your generosity

Lending what you have, sharing with others, be they your siblings, friends, colleagues or acquaintances is a fabulous quality and must always be valued. A caring adult will always find someone to help him.

His good character

A joke, a smile, find the positive side of any event. That our son is like this is invaluable. And it is not worth telling him that you do not take anything seriously, because taking life with humor and laughing about everything is one of the secrets of happiness, let’s not embitter him since he was little, please.

Your creativity

No matter how crazy their ideas or occurrences may seem to us, it is worth hearing them and being surprised, because more than one we can surely take advantage of it. Enhance your most dreamy and imaginative side and you will become an adult who does not give up because you will always have a plan B in mind.

His compassion

Being sensitive to your surroundings makes you special and smart. If your child empathizes with the weakest and neediest, you have to recognize him as he deserves. Perceiving the emotions of others is a fabulous tool for socializing, and therefore, for living.

We do not have space to write all the good things that can define your child, but try making a list of the things you like the most about him and start congratulating him for being who he is. This will make you feel valued as a person, which is sure to make you more receptive when it comes to talking about school if you have difficulties.

You will tell us if it works!

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