5 benefits of crossword puzzles in children's learning

crucigramas para ni√Īos

The mind must be exercised, and in the case of children it is ideal to do so while playing, since while having fun they learn and, above all, stimulate new ways of reasoning and drawing paths to reach the right solution. In addition to not putting up resistance, on the contrary, they will love it and they will want more challenges and stimuli as they overcome them. The brain is what it has, that once it starts up it always needs ‚Äúfuel‚ÄĚ.

There are many ways to activate the mind with the game: puzzles, puzzles, word searches, mazes or logic games are just a few. And among them are crosswords , of which we are going to detail the benefits of our children becoming familiar with them from a young age. Playing to solve them has these advantages:

Improve language skills

Playing to find the exact word that the definition asks of us is the most fun way to increase the child’s vocabulary. Of course we can increase the difficulty as it grows.

It’s fun

Entertaining for a while and competing healthily with the little one can be an excellent opportunity to share as a family . He will have a great time guessing words with you between laughs and will also learn. What more could you want?

Facilitates concentration

Inadvertently, you will relax as you progress through the puzzle, and the difficulty will cause you to focus without thinking. When they get complicated, and placing a word means crossing it with another, your mind will also advance in the deductive process .

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It’s the perfect hobby

… And maybe for life. Solving crossword puzzles engages in the best sense of the word, fills time, and pauses life. It is a healthy , fun entertainment, and no matter how adult you are, you always learn something. Oh, and it has nothing to do with a screen or technology. You just need a pencil and want to find the solution, so it can be done anywhere.

It can be an introduction to other ways to entertain yourself

If a child gets used to the healthy and quiet fun of a crossword puzzle, it will be easier to “introduce” him other entertainments that also stimulate intelligence, such as different hobbies on paper (word search, sudoku, hieroglyphs), models with little difficulty , somewhat complex puzzles, sewing tasks when they grow a little more, such as knitting or cross stitching, for example. And everything that comes to mind or catches your attention. In this, as in everything, the trick is to go testing, for the child to experiment and choose what most appeals to him, attracts him and enjoys it.

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