9 fun activities to work movement in children

It is no secret that children should practice healthy habits: eat vegetables, floss, go to bed on time … And those are just some of the reasons why parents are always around, to help and guide their children throughout life and make sure they can live it to the fullest and as happiest and healthiest as possible.




And to maintain health, physical activity is essential, in addition to a good diet, so promoting movement and play in schools is of vital importance. We must bear in mind that exercise is not only vital for the physical health of a child, but it is also essential for their mental health, that is why it is important that children eat healthy, but it is also important that they exercise regularly .

Also, regarding its importance in school, physical activity pumps blood through the body and provides energy to think and create, which leads to higher performance in the classroom.


Fun activities to stay healthy and have fun

Getting kids to get the exercise they need can be challenging, and the key to making it not a problem may be not doing boring, ordinary exercises like traditional jumping jacks, push-ups, or sprints. That is why we wanted to prepare a list of some fun and creative activities for children that will get them moving in no time and without effort or bad faces. Take note!


  • Play follow the leader

This game is a classic, it never gets old and you won’t need any special equipment or material to play. Let the children take turns being the leader, directing the others to imitate their every move. Encourage them to get active by jumping, crawling, touching their noses, shuffling their feet, or using their imaginations in creative ways. It is also an excellent game to work on gross motor skills .


  • A dance party

Put the children’s favorite songs on a mobile, computer or CD, turn up the volume and everyone will move! For more fun, turn off the lights by leaving some dim or special colored lighting, such as a disco ball, some lava lamps, or multi-colored garlands. Kids can compete for the best dance move , or simply come up with a dance with a complete choreography to do all together.


  • Treasure hunt

Hide things around the schoolyard or in the classroom and have the children run to find each clue. If you want to introduce even more exercise to this activity, include requirements with each track, such as dancing the rain dance or quickly inventing a fun new dance move.


  • Create a mysterious maze

Colored chalk can help you create beautiful masterpieces, but it can also help with some fun sports activities. Draw a detailed maze all the way around the patio or hallway, then let the little ones run or jump through it. This activity encourages movement and creativity at the same time, as well as a passion for imagination and the world of stories .


  • My dear animals

Another ideal game to promote movement and work on motor skills is to become animals and try to imitate the noises that their movements make … The little ones will have a great time! Imitate bears by walking or running fast like a cheetah; walk like a penguin or swim through the ocean like a dolphin.




  • Skating on socks

If you have hard surfaces in class, have the children remove their shoes and stay in socks to slide them (try to remove dangerous items or obstacles and make sure that, in case of falls, no one can hit themselves with anything). Kids can practice spinning and see who can slide the farthest or pretend to be professional ice skaters in the middle of a frozen pond in winter.


  • Neverland pillows

It is an activity as old as it is endearing, and something that surely all children (and some adults too) have dreamed of doing at some time. So… why not do it in class? We recommend the use of pillows that are not filled with feathers or too hard and recreate unforgettable moments or adventure scenes typical of the children of Neverland.


  • Obstacle courses

Use everything that is at hand: cushions, notebooks, paint cases … and build an attractive and challenging obstacle course. You can also race through the circuits with fun postures (ex: imitating crabs) or do the races in teams of two forming the traditional wheelbarrow.


  • Nature walks

Who says walking long distances has to be boring? Pick a nice trail for a school outing and put on your hiking boots to explore nature and enjoy the outdoors . If you don’t want to do medium or long-distance outings, you can also go to a park to investigate the landscape. While exercising the little ones will be able to learn a lot of things about their environment.


These simple exercises are more than enough for us to realize that exercise does not have to be boring . Begin to implement these ideas in your students’ routine and always emphasize the importance of being active in your planning. These activities may seem simple, but with them you will begin to lay the foundation for a healthy and happy life while removing all the stresses from the classroom. Without a doubt, by being active, children will be able to prepare every part of their body and brain for much more optimal learning and growth, also improving the school climate as well as their well-being and their children’s health.



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