The dreaded winter for the survival of animals

Warmth for the little one

Many calves from the Great North are born in spring, when the cold is less intense. But in winter they must protect themselves. White bears hibernate: mothers prepare a comfortable shelter. They give birth to one or two cubs and then sleep with them until spring returns.

Fur and fat

Other species protect themselves through their fur. This is the case of the polar fox and the wolf. There are animals that isolate themselves from the cold thanks to their fat. Seals and penguins, for example, eat a lot in spring and summer. In this way, they accumulate protective layers of fat.

Prepared pups

Musk ox calves are very hardy. Within hours of being born they are able to set off and follow the adults during long herd marches. They are the only animals that can withstand the storms of the poles.



Musk ox : it is a very long haired ox that lives in the polar mountains, swept by the winds and snow.



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