Parents should support the school and not judge it

Parents should get to work with teachers side by side, supporting their children’s school without judgment. And the fact is that letting children do what they want should not be confused with listening to their wishes and requirements. The latter is what is related to indiscipline, as it is usually a direct consequence of not listening to the child and, therefore, parents have a lot of responsibility for what happens or does not happen in schools today.

According to the teacher Francesco Tonucci (very involved with the need for a school with less burden for the student in his free hours ) a recognized, respected and welcomed child is at ease and has no need to be absent or to behave with a clear lack of indiscipline.


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What is the role of the school in the educational process

But schools must also find the appropriate channels so that the child is really heard and this is the opposite of what is traditionally done in schools. Children go to school and must be silent to listen to the teacher, and this does not arouse any emotion. At the same time, the large number of students in classrooms also makes it very difficult, or almost impossible, for teachers to be attentive to the needs and problems of each student .

Schools must also know and support their environment, realize the need of the people around them, of the workers who make everyday work possible, of how children get to school each morning and the means they use to this … In class, teachers should talk about this environment so that the observation of the child can be more profound with their surroundings, but of course parents must also be familiar with that environment, because the educational community is made up of many parts, but all must complement and nurture each other so that everything works.

The main education must take place within schools and not outside them, because there are many realities that homes can experience and there will always be students with more and less deficiencies or family support. That is to say, that all those learning that are left out of school due to lack of time, or for whatever reason, will be conditioned by the possibilities of each home and the child, as a general rule, will respond according to those possibilities. But all this must always be done with the support of families, who must bear in mind that education also begins at home and that teachers are always allies , and not enemies of their children or themselves.


What is the role of parents in the educational process

Listening to children is the most important thing a parent can do for their children. If a father listens to his son, he will realize that he wants to have free afternoons to play, that he wants to read stories without having to finish doing a homework, that he wants to study close to home to sleep a little more and be able to finish going alone and independently to school when I am old … or thousands of other things.

At the same time, it is also important that parents can be attentive to the tastes and abilities of their children , in order to support complementary activities, such as sports, or playing an instrument. Every child has a favorite activity that is not usually done at school and that will be worth supporting from the family itself, thus also benefiting the academic performance and progress of the child in question.


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Ultimately, parents and teachers must work together and consider whether they really listen to children or not, as this is very important for the advancement of their education and for them to have a profitable growth that leads them to independence and the search for their own spaces.

And it is that, there cannot be a quality education in which the teachers do not manage to understand each other with the parents or in which the parents themselves question the work and the planning of the teachers. Only by working together without judging the other, we can achieve that education of excellence that dignifies society.



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