Halloween stories for kids

cuentos de halloween para niños Halloween night is approaching and a selection of mystery stories with somewhat scary characters could not be missing and thus have a different and fun time. It is also the ideal excuse to read a story in company and scare and laugh in equal parts with our children before going to sleep.

This is a selection of what we have found on the internet for children from 2 to 12 years old . If you look for the title and the name of the author, it is easy that you can buy them online in a store that makes national and international shipments. There are never excuses to give a book away.

And now on to the terrifying readings. Who knows? Maybe your children are fond of the genre!

  1. Teo in the castle of Terror (Violeta Denou, Ed. Timun Mas) 2-7 years

Do you dare to spend an afternoon among monsters, witches and ghosts? You just have to accompany Teo to the Amusement Park and visit the Castle of Terror. Like all Teo books at the end comes a guide with guidelines for parents and educators.

  1. The Train of the Monsters (Ignasi Valios, Ed. Anaya) + 3 years

Travel in a very special train in which all the creatures that we can find on Halloween go. As we move forward we will find riddles. To know the answers we have to turn off the light and we will see them in the book. It belongs to the “Books to read in the dark” collection and will be a children’s favorite.  

  1. How to recognize a monster (Gustavo Roldán, Ed. Thule Ediciones) 5-8 years

It was originally published in 1989 in Argentina. Now it comes with new illustrations. You come across something that may be a monster but you are not sure. Don’t worry, in this book you will find all the details that will leave no doubt as to whether what you have in front of is a monster.

  1. The mysterious tapestry (Luisa Villar Liébana, Ed. Ediciones SM) 5-8 years

Going to the Prado Museum with his parents seems to Curro the most boring thing in the world, until he reaches Goya’s room and very strange things begin to happen that only he sees. A very different way of bringing art closer to the little ones.

  1. The little vampire (Angela Sommer Bodenburg, Ed. Alfaguara) 9-12 years

Antón, a fan of mystery stories, fulfills his dream when he meets a real vampire named Rüdinger and sees how the possibility of making the adventures that until now only happened in his imagination come true will come true. It is the first of a series, so be careful, it can create addiction.

  1. Help! (Elsa Bornemann, Ed. Santillana) + 10 years

For the bravest there are ten creepy stories in which you will hold your breath until the end. Giant cobwebs, hands that grab you at night, a painting that comes to life to report a crime … Perfect for young readers who like good scary stories.

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