Techniques to study in summer

Is studying in summer recommended? Do you forget what you have learned if you do not maintain the habit of studying on vacation ? Should you study even after getting good grades?

The answers will depend on each child and their circumstances, but what is certain is that summer is a perfect time to change the chip and begin to see learning as fun, relaxed, useful, surprising and essential. It is worth setting study guidelines according to the interests and shortcomings of each child and for this it is important to take the following aspects into account:


  • Planning

First, a moment of pause after school is essential. Reset and have a blank mind so that the child can sit with us and actively comment on their needs. It is important to set goals, among which should also be “laughing out loud every day”, in addition to reviewing geography, understanding the aspects of physics that choke, solving math problems , learning to summarize a text or, just to read a little more. If the subject to be studied is complicated, in this case the ideal would be to have a private teacher.

  • Schedule

Once we are clear about the purpose, we will look for the best time to do it. The heat makes it easy for us: in the morning after breakfast we will be fresh and active for the tasks that require more concentration, such as scheduled exercises. In this way we will have the rest of the day to, for example, read something entertaining, funny or curious. A successful book on vacation can awaken a reading spirit for life!


  • Place

Our recommendation is in a common place in the house, such as the living room, the dining room or the kitchen, supported by us, the parents, that we will be nearby to answer questions or comment on an issue if necessary. Being part of this activity in any way, makes the child not feel alone and, in addition, it fosters the confidence of sharing the process and the small details that will surely lead to funny conversations and anecdotes.

  • Attitude

It is essential to forget the stress and pressure. Summer must be seen as the opportunity to learn in a different way and to transmit to the child the encouragement and enthusiasm necessary to make an effort to meet the proposed objectives. It intersperses fun dynamics such as, for example, writing a story or story depending on the age with ten words chosen at random, or watching a movie that makes you think and comment on it as a family. Remember that not all learning is textbook.

  • Free time

The child must feel that he is on vacation. Relaxing, playing, sleeping soundly, enjoying ourselves and us of him will be fundamental aspects to fulfill. We can also take advantage of these months to strengthen collaborative learning , coexistence or develop daily skills that require responsibility and a creative spirit, such as cooking, ordering and decorating a room or the garden of the house, planning the week …

estudio en vacaciones

Ultimately, whether for reinforcement , for recovery, for the search for school motivation , or for maintaining the study habit, if we put love and enthusiasm into it, we will make summer an enriching and productive time, emotionally and intellectually, for our children. And by the way for us … why not?

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