The schoolyard is the place where children interact and play with other children, thus initiating interpersonal relationships: respecting rules, rules, choosing equipment, deciding the game, adapting the details to the available players and their characteristics … in short, learning to negotiate, compete and enjoy like never before.


This fun game consists in that one is in charge of chasing the others and they are saved by putting themselves in a “tulip”, this is stopped with the arms crossed and the legs spread. He cannot move until another partner passes between his legs. When the one who is pursuing manages to catch another, this becomes the one who “keeps it” and has to go after his companions.

You carry it

Classic that in each city has a name. Unlimited pursuit in which the witness passes by touching and saying “you carry it.” Then you have to pass another player running and figuring it out as best you can. To get a lot of exercise!

The English Hideout

One faces the wall without seeing anything saying “One, two, three, English hideout” after which he turns around to see if he catches his companions in motion, who advance from a marked distance towards the wall, but they can only move when the other child cannot see them. As soon as he turns around they must be like statues. If the one who turns sees someone move, he returns to the beginning. He who reaches the wall without being seen is saved. The last one has to be the one on the wall next time.

Cops and robbers

They are divided into two groups and the police go after the thieves to take them to jail, which is a space that has been previously delimited. One thief can save another by reaching out and touching him.

The handkerchief

Two teams where each one is a number. They separate and in the middle is the handkerchief held by a boy who does not belong to the teams. This one says a number out loud and the one that corresponds to each team runs to catch the handkerchief faster than the other and without the other catching it before reaching “home”. They are eliminated as they lose.

Trick, hopscotch or shuffleboard

Depending on the geographical area, it can be called in different ways. The structure with the numbers is drawn on the ground with chalk and, in turns, a stone is started to be traversed, which is pushed on the limp leg without touching the stone’s dividing lines.


Two teams, one on each side of the playing field, try to eliminate the opponents by hitting them with the ball directly without catching it with their hand beforehand or bouncing off the ground first. When one is eliminated, he goes to the back of the opponent’s court, from where he can receive the ball and attack as well. If he eliminates one, he returns to play his field. The game ends when one team is eliminated in its entirety.


Spinning tops or tops

They become fashionable seasonally and entertain like nothing while trying to perfect the technique of throwing and juggling them.

Rubber and rope

Classic patio of a lifetime. Both the rubber and the rope are played in turns while two hold it and levels are passed in different positions.

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