If there is a supernatural force that can do anything, it is undoubtedly love. Love transforms people , makes them grow, gives them the strength they need. It is the fertilizer of life. And if it is a child who feels loved, believe me, he can achieve what he sets out to do in life.

Love is the engine and also gasoline. It is the powerful energy that breaks down walls and makes flowers grow in the desert. A beloved child is the future in giant letters.

Surrounding our little ones with love we will be making them strong and safe . Able to fight for what they want. Giving them the courage to question what does not seem fair and challenge the most irrational fears. We will make them have initiative and enthusiasm. And most importantly, if they fall on the road, which is the law of life that they will, they will know how to get up, dust themselves off and move on.

How do we make them feel loved? There are many ways, and some that you may not have even considered. Don’t wait to put them into practice!

Yes to physical contact

Hugs, kisses, high-fives, a pat on the shoulder, stroking his head… He always sees that you’re there with him. Your heat is the best medicine, the one that will make you feel that the world is a welcoming place.

Take their ideas into account

Listen to him and take his opinion into account. Teach him to contrast it with yours and that of others. You will learn to be critical in a constructive way. Do not despise his tastes, in fact, listen to his favorite song, watch the movie he likes so much or take an interest in his things. You don’t have to love them, but the fact of approaching their world will make them see that you care and they will value it.

Share time with him

Play, read, chat, walk, draw, listen to him or just lie next to him to see the clouds. The time you spend with your son will not come back and he will remember it for a lifetime. If because of work or other occupations he cannot be all you want, make the little you can be of quality and dedicate yourself to him exclusively. Leave your mobile phone away and forget about everyday worries. In that half an hour or an hour with your child, let yourself be loved and loved. Laugh and catch up. Be a child again with him. It will be like a balm.

Make their problems yours

Children give you their confidence without asking. If you don’t judge them, you will have it forever. I hope he shares with you his concerns and fears so that you can help him if he needs it, encouraging him, putting yourself in his place and letting him know that the strength he needs to defeat the monsters is within him, very close to the heart, it is called love and it feeds on very tight bear hugs.

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