First and last name

  Choose the name

When a baby is born, its parents must enter a name into the registry. They often choose a familiar name, such as a saint, someone in their family, a hero from a book, or a movie. You can even make up the name, but you have to be careful as the courts may reject “too original” names.

  Family surnames

For a long time, children were given the surname of the father and then that of the mother. Parents currently have the right to choose the father’s or mother’s surnames as their surnames. There is only one obligation, which is that all children in the family have the same surnames.

Can we change our last name?

The surname is something that walks with us for a lifetime. However, it can be changed. If someone does not like your last name, you can ask a judge to change it or choose a pseudonym, that is, another last name that will serve you in everyday life.



Obligation: it is something that must be done without being able to say no, because one is obliged. For example, a law creates obligation.

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