Phrases that do not work to teach our children

How many times have you come across the role of having to teach, what strategies have we used then?

When do these strategies work? Have they ever stopped working? How have you managed to adapt to other more useful strategies?

Communication strategies that do not work to achieve our GOALS as mothers and fathers

1. The unsolicited sermon, sermons and advice

  • Advice like: “for your own good”
  • Scoldings and reproaches: “no, if I already told you.”
  • Hints: “could you …”, “if I were you …”.
  • Encouragement: “why don’t you try …”.
  • Begging, begging (trying to justify your own behavior): “it’s different because I …”.
  • Appeal to logic or common sense: “that is drawer”.
  • Newspaper articles or brochures left in view ”.
  • The silent and long-suffering approach of: “look how bravely and patiently I don’t say anything.”
  • Repeated or increasingly stronger punishment.
  • “Surely you could see that if you …”.
  • “Why don’t you understand that …”.
  • “Anyone with common sense …”.
  • Act constantly to keep the peace.
  • Walk on tiptoe so as not to disturb.
  • Put the happiness of others above our own.
  • Constantly justify yourself.
  • Protect others from the consequences of their actions.
  • Be aware of the change.
  • Continually try to please.
  • “You have to want to please me.”
  • “I would like you to show me more respect, but I will only accept it if you do it because you want to.”
  • It is not enough that you help me to put peace at home, I would prefer that you do it on your own.

2. Repeat previous solutions that have not worked

3. Repeat well-meaning advice from family and friends


What about you? What are your strategies for teaching your children? Participate in the comments!

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