The importance of educating children with emotional intelligence

The education system has many flaws, as we already know, but one of the most important, without a doubt, is the lack of training in emotion management . The very careers of Early Childhood Education or Teaching, should already incorporate subjects in charge of teaching to recognize certain emotions, to distinguish them and to work them. In this way, the dreaded school failure would be largely avoided, since it is almost always related to the mood or social situation of the child.

A teacher of Teaching at the Complutense University of Madrid, Rafael Guerrero, is one of the few who teaches his students, in addition to the usual subjects, emotional education, although voluntarily for the moment, as this does not apply yet in any university.

But it is not only about teachers and professors learning emotional education techniques to work with their students, but it is also (and the most important part) about teachers and professors themselves learning to manage their own emotions , since this is the only way that later, as adults, we can teach the little ones in the same task.


A pending task in the education system

Learning to manage emotions is an absolutely basic pending task, as it depends on how easy it is for us in the future to adapt to the environment that surrounds us and others, not to frustrate ourselves at the slightest disappointment and to deal with our insecurities and loss self esteem.

Learning to identify and distinguish what we feel, as well as to control it, gives us security and empathy to be able to understand others and be able to help them. These motives are so important to life that it should hardly make sense to debate whether or not to study emotional intelligence in universities. It is useless to transmit knowledge to students if later they will not know what to do with their lives or where their place really is in the world. Emotional balance is necessary to be able to advance in life and to be able to have more guarantees of academic, work and social success, in general.

As adults we know that life is made up of ups and downs, and for this reason, that our mind is kept in balance is very important so as not to decay in the saddest or negative moments that we have to go through sooner or later. Stress, poor grades, personal learning difficulties … are enough reasons for a child to collapse and fall apart, losing the ability to believe in himself and heading for possible school failure.

Perhaps all this can be avoided if we finally apply the learning of emotional intelligence in our competencies as well, and the task begins by training the teachers in this, as well as, if possible, the parents themselves.

Educating in emotional intelligence is probably one of the keys that the educational system needs to go back and adapt to what is really needed in life to be able to progress.

I would love to receive information on education with emotional intelligence.

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