On the beach … let’s protect our skin

Children’s skin is extremely delicate and although it must be cared for all year round, in summer perhaps more caution is necessary, since prolonged contact with water, the direct action of the sun’s rays and the interaction of sweat are unavoidable. with creams, in addition to diet and water intake. All these factors mean that we must take more care to keep the skin of the little ones healthy.

With these tips you will avoid problems:

  1. Do not expose them to the midday sun, from 12 to 4 in the afternoon

In those hours is when they can burn easily as the incidence of sunlight is much more direct and harmful. Always, even if they are in the shade, you should apply sun protection. The factor will depend on your skin type and hair color. Check with the pharmacy to make sure you choose the correct option. It is very important that the baby does not sunbathe up to 6 months as it has not yet fully developed its ability to secrete melanin, the pigment that protects the skin from solar radiation. We must also remember to replace the layer of protective cream each time they bathe, affect the neck, elbows, behind the knees and feet, as they are sensitive areas that are easily forgotten. Wear a cap or hat and if necessary sunglasses.

  1. Beware of bites

In summer … insects everywhere, some annoying and others painful and even dangerous. Nothing that a good repellent for children cannot counteract. We can also use mosquito netting at the entrances to the rooms or covering the beds. In case they have already bitten, we can consider the idea of using a drug that counteracts the effects, but always under medical supervision.

  1. Do pimples appear?

They are due to the clogging of the pores by sweat. With a product based on liquid talc, they disappear without much problem.

  1. Hydrate just the right amount

You have to do it inside and out. Drinking enough fluids is as essential as soothing dry skin. Juices and water will be our allies so that children do not become dehydrated and at the same time ingest nutrients that protect the skin. On the outside, aloe vera is a natural and effective way to hydrate and heal possible burns or redness. Using it is a pleasure for its texture and children will be relieved no matter how we apply it.

  1. With soap less is more

It is time to soak all day and you must limit the use of soaps because they dry out the skin of the little ones especially. There are formulas on the market for soapless soaps or detergent-free “syndets”. Foams that clean but do not harm the delicate skin of children. They are a fantastic option to attend to daily hygiene without damaging the epidermis.

If we follow these guidelines we will have a peaceful and happy summer, worrying only about fun and laughter. Happy summer!

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