Children can have phobias when they go back to school

Each year, with the return to the classroom and the beginning of the school year, it can be easily observed how many children suffer from what are called “ back-to-class phobias ”. It is true that this return to the routine also usually affects adults and that it is something that falls within the norm, but it is important that we be vigilant because young children do not have the same self-defense mechanisms as older children.

Therefore, to learn to see and identify this type of phobias and anguish that children can suffer when going back to school , we analyze what the most common ones consist of and what can be done to avoid them and / or solve them.


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Causes why you may be afraid of school


  • Sadness for a beautiful summer

Some kids have a hard time adjusting back to school because they have had a great summer. If your child has been lucky enough to travel a lot, or has had a fantastic summer in the company of friends and family, it is likely that he will have a hard time assimilating that it is over and that you have to get used to the task again, take a seat, etc. .

– What to do: time and consistency is a critical factor here. Although it is important to be attentive to the discomfort that may arise in the child, it is necessary that they also take responsibility for them and get used to them.


  • Anxiety about fear of work and results

For many young children, until now all they have had to do in connection with the school year was to show up and pay attention to get good results and get good grades on simple tasks, without too much responsibility. Something that changes when children return to school and must face the beginning of primary school, where they will have to learn and work much more.

– What to do: There is no need to panic, as this is something natural that we all go through. Make sure your child knows that this is normal and that they begin to acquire study skills and habits to learn to manage their times and stress levels.


  • Phobias for bad or anticipated experiences

Heartbreaks often start with a bad school experience or a bad experience that is anticipated because it is imagined or anticipated. If we want to know when this can go from something normal to a phobia, one of the main signs will be fear , which must be disproportionate to the cause.

– What to do: identify the bad experience or the anticipated bad experience. To do this, sometimes just speaking it can lessen or eliminate fear. When the above does not work, it is time to make an appointment with your family doctor or find a specialist in childhood phobias . Do not hesitate to take measures of this type when you think that your son or daughter has a phobia about the idea of going to school, because the more time passes, the more difficult it will be to reverse the situation.



Helping Your Children Cope With Heartbreak

Transitions between vacation and back to school can be stressful for kids, especially if the change involves meeting lots of new people and / or making new friends. In extreme cases, children may express anger, sadness, or anger at having to go to school and be reluctant (or outright refusing) to participate or speak to others.

Many children may feel uncomfortable recognizing any fear about starting something new , such as going to school, so observation by parents is very important. How your child anticipates these changes will largely depend on his temperament and his previous experiences with things like effort or novelties.

Some children may also feel embarrassed by their dependence on friends or by their fears of new related situations, such as an old friend changing schools, so don’t forget to give your full support in these difficult situations and transitions.


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But keep in mind that you will be able to help your little ones much better, when they are in this situation, talking and asking specifically what they are worried about. Try saying things like, “I know it can be difficult at first if you don’t know anyone, but I know you will make some great new friends. You are good and very funny, so as soon as they meet you they will be looking forward to spending time with you. ”

Let your children know that you believe in them and list their strengths, as it is a good way to give them support and remind them that they have enough skills to face new situations in life. On the other hand, let them know that being afraid or feeling anxious about the end of the holidays is normal and that they are not the only children who will feel the same way. Another good idea may be to remind children of their previous experiences around making new friends or new things of another kind, because that will help them gain the confidence they need to be successful in each new situation.

In situations like these, when children express fears about starting something new and need to get out of it, it can be tempting to leave them alone and think that they will pass or that they are being selfish. However, it is important to remember that successfully facing a challenge like this requires trust and a lot of love, and that will be the key that success in new situations continues also in each step you take in the future.


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