The fashion game and its benefits against stress

beneficios del spinner Few will be those who, at this point, have not yet heard or seen circulating through streets and even classrooms, the so-called spinner or fidget spinner . A strange contraption whose origin is in the USA in the 90s, and despite its simplicity it has managed to capture the attention of children and adolescents by becoming the new fashionable toy.

The invention, created by the engineer Catherine Hettinger , was supposedly devised with the intention of helping children with different problems to express themselves better. This led, over time, to the spinner being defined as a beneficial device for handling distressing and stressful situations and, even, as beneficial for improving the adaptability to the environment of children with ADHD problems.

With detractors and defenders almost alike, the truth is that this contraption does not have any scientific evidence of its effectiveness or of its help with respect to the concentration and motivation of certain profiles. And that, despite the fact that its creator did it in order to improve communication and play with her daughter, due to a disease that weakened her physically and prevented her relationship from being like that of other mothers with their children.

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The spinner theory of benefits: ADHD

One of the currents that is postulated in favor of this new fashion is the one that affirms that it can have truly therapeutic effects in people such as those who suffer from ADHD , as well as other disorders related especially to lack of concentration.

Admittedly, these types of toys, like rubber bands created for hand tightening to reduce nervousness, can actually work for some people. However, no healing properties of any kind can be attributed to such objects, since there are no trials or medical evidence that can attest to this.

So it is simply that what may be good for some may not be so good for others, as many children get confused more than anything else or neglect their daily obligations with the use of this type. of objects.

Therefore, and for those of you who consider introducing this new element in the class programming as support of some kind, it is good that you know that official ADHD foundations , such as CADAH, discard for the moment the supposed benefits of this device . Although it is true that it is not harmful, a priori, it is likely that it does not contribute anything beneficial to the classes, where learning is what is really important and not being distracted.

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