The game acquires a decisive value for the maturity and inner growth of the people, and that is why it is so important to practice and promote it in childhood. The child needs to play and is the being that most enjoys doing it, and in addition to the fun it can provide, the game allows him to develop skills and abilities , both motor and mental, so it is decisive for his inner balance. The natural activity of the child finds in the game an irreplaceable channel to achieve very varied modes of expression.

Of course, parents must question the educational function of their children’s games; Many think that the ideal way to intervene is to leave children free during their games and the best they aspire to is to create certain situations aimed at making the child feel motivated to play on their own , forgetting that their role can be a lot more profitable, actually, by participating in other more directly active ways. And the ideal thing would be for parents to feel committed and participate in the children’s games on a daily and frequent basis.

Play in childhood: source of growth and wealth

Adults must understand that play for children is a channel for establishing communication with others and that it is a vehicle for imaginative expression, since play makes it possible for what beats inside the child to become movement and conquest . It is the most appropriate way of expressing energies , and it is their affective, imaginative and moral energies (more than the bodily ones, both nervous and muscular), which lead the child to play with tireless constancy and joy. The game is also affective satisfaction , since the feelings get in the game their greatest way of expression, and as if this were not enough, through the game the children feel strong and skillful, and it serves as a mechanism to gradually develop. little his personality.

Each game that the child experiences becomes a wonderful lesson for life. It does not take much time or extensive pre-made programs for games and toys to become a source of personal energy and social education , most important of all, so the excuses for not playing with our children or curtail their playtime completely devoid of excuses and real meaning.

And it is that, could there be something more beautiful than playing and doing it as a family?

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