Equality at school

It is important to reflect on the model of society that we have, and if this is what we should have and want. Although schools have long been working around the teaching of fundamental values, also included in the list of Millennium Goals established by the United Nations , many parents and educators are still aware of the shortcomings and lack of support that exists in around the application of these measures.

Among the minimum objectives to be met, would be to work on the meaning of equality with students from the early stages of school. Although a child must understand that there are no differences between him and his peers, neither for physical reasons, nor for racial reasons (for example), he must also be clear that boys and girls are at the same level. For this, it would be essential that myths and stereotypical clichés begin to be banished, and especially for this Christmas, such as that pink or blue are suitable for some and for others less, or that toys such as a kitchenette or a garage for three tracks cannot be unisex. If we continue to attribute elements related to housework to girls, and justify that they are adequate elements for them and not for their siblings and / or classmates, we will be perpetuating a model of social and gender inequality that boys will assume as logical just without realizing bill.


How to work equality for children, key to a better future

Working for equality in school is as fundamental, as it can be to teach them who the people were who preceded us and made the world as we know it possible, or the mathematical foundations that will be of vital use to them in the future to function at the socio-labor level. If we understand that essential tools and knowledge are taught at school for the development of a full life, it would be logical to think and not question the need to implement equality activities for boys and girls that help eradicate the vision of a world divided into pink and blue. Activities that, well designed and implemented, could become the secret ingredient for a future free of social inequality. A dignified future for the adults of tomorrow.


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