Why do children watch the same movie 100 times

We have all done it as children, watch the same movie or the same cartoons over and over again, and it is something that we loved to do, maintaining interest as if we had never seen it before.

Although we knew many of the scenes by heart and we knew what was going to happen next, we did not take our eyes off the television for a moment, but why is this happening? We will explain it to you below!


They can understand the movie completely

Many children, especially the youngest ones, need to watch the same movie several times to understand certain parts that have escaped their visual and auditory perception . This is something logical, since many characters and scenarios intervene in children’s entertainment where they interact with dialogues that are often somewhat complex for them.

Children want to understand everything they see, and the pace at which the action occurs may be too fast to process all the information , since their capacity for attention and understanding is not yet that of an adult.

Each time the child watches the film, he assimilates and becomes familiar with it, having to make less effort to understand certain parts that now connect more easily with other scenes or dialogues.


Repetition gives them a sense of security

Children at an early age need to know that the world is a safe and predictable place . The easiest way to visualize it “your way” is to know what will happen next, which gives you a sense of control in a world full of hectic and stress.

When we predict what is to come, we gain confidence, and children’s continuous learning and their desire to discover the world around them, makes them curious to know, see and understand new concepts and information still unknown to them. they.


It is a valuable learning strategy that stimulates thinking

One of the virtues of watching the same film continuously is understanding the cause and effect relationship , that is, if, for example, the child sees in a cartoon that a lumberjack is cutting down a tree, the effect is that the tree falls and can Be dangerous. In this way we motivate and develop their logical thinking in certain situations, something very important for them to understand the world around them.

This not only applies when they watch television, but also when we read the same stories to our children. Unconsciously they are assimilating new vocabulary that they did not know, and for this we must make small stops to see if they have understood all the words they are hearing, that way they will better understand the story, we will foster their imagination and we will develop their memory.
Many psychologists have concluded that children who saw or read the same story multiple times learned and assimilated more words than children who only did it once with different stories. As in many everyday situations, repetition can bring many benefits, both mental and skill .

In summary, even if you are tired of your child watching the same movie over and over again, think about the benefits and advantages it can bring to your child, especially in the stage between 1 and 3 years, in which the child is constantly absorbing information.

It has been a valuable information for me that I am a teacher gives me clear guidelines on how to make me learn and do not forget what I learned3

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