Learn about some of the benefits of hugging in children … and practice it!

Hugging is a super power that we all have. And the more it is used the better we feel, so let’s not skimp on hugs. They are therapeutic, soothing and are always remembered. In addition, the benefit is mutual, both the one who gives it and the one who receives it feels warmth and calm. Cuddled children who grow up receiving this physical love will grow into caring adults who know the infinite magic of hugging to prevent bitterness and frustration. It is convenient to embrace daily with reasons and without them. Hug because yes, when we arrive, when we leave and in between. Giving affection in the form of a bear hug can be the best thing that happens to us in the day, so enjoy holding your child, kissing him in passing and, above all, telling him every day how much you love him and how proud you are. you are with him while you hug him. And well, not only your child, spread the hug to your closest loved ones. It is free and the benefits are many.

Especially for the child, the benefits could be summarized in four points:

Provides immediate security

The little one instantly feels at home, protected and encouraged by a close and warm hug. We are transmitting more feelings to him than with any phrase we can say to him. It is a “calm, nothing will happen to you, you can count on me, I’m here” in every rule. Don’t hesitate … Hug him!

Self esteem injection

After talking about security, inevitably it is necessary to do it about self-esteem, and it is that feeling supported and protected, self-confidence grows without being able to avoid it. They become beloved children and with more courage to give their opinion, decide and act without fear of being wrong. Because if it doesn’t come out perfect, nothing happens, they know that you learn and our love will continue there no matter what happens.

Energy multiplies

A hug is loaded with love on both sides. It makes us feel better immediately and is an incredible energy exchange. The affective bond between parents and children is reinforced by increasing their trust and closeness. Sometimes you don’t need to talk, just let yourself be hugged and feel that current of unconditional tenderness.

Correct emotional stability is forged

This has positive repercussions for the whole family but especially for children, who from babies feel calm and relaxed receiving affection in the form of a hug and they become stable and peaceful children, who rarely despair and if they do so they immediately find comfort and understanding. It is much easier for them to regain internal balance if they lose it due to a tantrum. They channel their anger and transform their emotions through physical contact. This will recur throughout your life and will help you a lot!

importancia del abrazo en los niños

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