How to prevent a child from having bad handwriting

  Bad handwriting? Guidelines to correct it

There are many children who, although they already have extensive knowledge of vocabulary or know how to read correctly, have bad handwriting. So why is it really that a child has a hard to read or messy handwriting?

Well, the truth is that there can be various causes that help us understand why a child has bad handwriting , and among them may be the fact that he is suffering from a learning disorder or, even, is suffering from an emotional ups and downs.

The important thing is to be able to locate the cause of what is really causing the bad handwriting and focus on that problem to find its solution. Obviously, it will not be the same if the child is going through a difficult time on an emotional level, or that he has not had an effective development of his motor skills .

Whatever the reason, however, the good news is that having a bad letter has a solution, and then we inform you about what are the things that parents and teachers can do to make this happen.

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Guidelines to keep in mind to correct bad handwriting

  • We must identify what is causing the bad handwriting.
  • We must work fine motor skills with exercises and varied activities.
  • We must adapt the work environment to motivate the boy or girl in question.
  • We must carry out activities suitable for the development of spatial coordination.
  • We must focus on the child improving his ability to understand and express language .
  • We must avoid that the child performs actions such as writing quickly or squeezing the pencil or pen too much when writing.
  • We must ensure that the child assiduously practices writing with the help of sheets with squares and / or lines, as well as traditional style calligraphy notebooks .
  • To all of the above, we must always add fun games and activities , such as those that we can find in reading and writing resources and materials, so that children with handwriting problems do not see in this re-education process a punishment or an excessive task tedious.

But above all it is important that we let the child know that he is suffering from this problem, that having bad handwriting is something that can be avoided and that in no way implies that he is a bad student or a different person from the rest.

Writing with bad handwriting is something that can even happen to adults, and the way to correct it is to understand each person’s personal situation and face it in search of the best solution.

Thank you for posting these guidelines, they are very useful and helpful for us as parents

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Very good advice for us parents to help our children

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And if El Niño has skills to write print like the one that appears here, the one that comes in books that he is responsible for reading, but in schools he is forced to write handwritten

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I love everything they publish, it is excellent to take them into account in our daily lives.

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