The importance of receiving a good education from a young age

The role of character in the future of children

Yes, character will shape the destiny and future of children, and for that reason it is essential to give them a good education . However, the reality is that forming the personality of a child is one of the most complex tasks of parents, who unfortunately do not have an instruction manual to be able to do it well and on time.

To contribute positively to shaping the personality of our children, the main thing is to keep in mind that character development should have the highest priority on that list of daily chores. As fathers and mothers, we must give them wisdom, instill in them strength and endow them with self-control, for example. In turn, and in another order of things, we must educate them and teach them the importance of love and humility , as well as instill in them a positive attitude towards life.

And in all these things that we should teach the little ones, there is above all the responsibility of example, to preach and put into practice everything we say to them, teaching them to solve their own problems in a fair way and giving them responsibilities. within the family nucleus . That is to say, in order to achieve a successful development of a child’s personality, love, trust and the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills in the healthiest way possible cannot be lacking.


Consequences of not having a discipline with our children

There are many people who are not very clear about what it means to have discipline with their children , and they can confuse it with punishment or other similar things. For many fathers and mothers this word means authority, abuse, coercion …, however, discipline is truly about teaching and making them understand what the right behaviors are, as well as being able to make the right decisions in life.

If we treat our children with loving discipline , then they can be responsible children and show proper respect for others. It is evident, then, that teaching positive discipline is vital for the good development of the little ones , and not being clear about what it consists of can make this task very difficult and lead to errors that could be serious in the long run.

Below you can discover what are some of the most serious consequences of not having adequate discipline with the little ones:

  • A child who is undisciplined at home, will most likely also be undisciplined in other places such as school, friends or family homes … and, furthermore, it will be difficult for him to live with other people and children his age.
  • Undisciplined children can present problems when it comes to studying and undertaking any other activity in their life that requires concentration. The lack of well-understood and applied discipline means that this type of child does not have the habit of concentrating, which will generate many problems, especially at school.
  • If parents do not teach their children good discipline, they risk them finally making decisions in their day to day without knowing clearly what is good and bad in an unintentional and conscious way.
  • Lack of discipline can also generate other important deficiencies, such as a lack of principles and values , or a lack of respect, affection and / or communication.

Many parents believe that disciplining children is the responsibility of the teachers in their respective schools , which can lead us to see cases of children who change schools by decision of the parents, who consider that not everything necessary has been done for part of the school center. However, it is important to be clear, in order to avoid these situations, that the school is only in charge with respect to the children to provide education and that the values must be taught at home .

In the education of a person there are many pillars, and that is why adults must inform ourselves and be aware of what role each one of them should play.

Let’s all do our part!

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