In our society we live surrounded by norms and habits. When we talk about habits, we are referring to a series of guidelines and routines that tend to be applied in childhood to promote a healthy life present and future. And it is that habits are usually related to beneficial and positive practices for ourselves, and therefore, they are highly recommended to carry out and assume in our day to day.

These practices are consequently called ” healthy habits ” and it is important that our children are aware of them from the beginning, since, in this way, they will better assimilate the actions they must carry out in their day and day and especially when they achieve a greater degree of independence and self-confidence.

Daily routines are related to varied topics such as hygiene habits, study habits, eating habits or other ideas more related to values, such as environmental protection and the rules to follow in this regard, or good education and the treatment of others. All these practices are necessary for the development of sensitive and responsible citizens. Children should , and like adults, be aware of the importance of living a healthy life in harmony with ourselves and with others.

How to treat the elderly or how to respect the animals that surround us are also fundamental topics in exercising and teaching good habits for preschool children. In any case, it should be ensured that the teaching of these habits takes place through attractive and enjoyable resources, which do not imply a sense of order or obligation in the little ones, since this could cause children to feel rejection by the practice good educational habits, withdrawing or rebelling against them.

Through this section, your children will be able to gradually become familiar with their environment and with the actions that we carry out so frequently, such as brushing our teeth. For this we have prepared a series of cards to view and work on the network , which you can also print to use at any time and that you should not miss!

Utility and efficiency come together in these new resources, which will captivate the little ones.

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