My son / daughter hits other children: guidelines to follow to solve it

We must teach our children that it is necessary for them to defend their rights , and this will make them understand that theirs are as important as those of those in front of them.

Aspects such as working on the importance of shifts can be essential for them to become aware of how necessary it is to cultivate patience for a multitude of planes and facets of life, such as that related to tolerating and respecting others even if they are very different from U.S.

But no matter how excellent parents and educators we are, sometimes theory can fail when it comes to practice, and at some point we may have to face such worrisome and unpleasant situations as our child being a child who hits. Other children. If this happens, you should know, first of all, that it does not mean that your education and parenting system has failed at all. Put those thoughts aside and make up your mind to get involved in solving this dreaded problem.


Guidelines to follow to solve this type of conflict

Normally, in the early stages of life, the fact that children come to blows is usually the result of impatience and little awareness of the importance of sharing.

If your child is used to hitting friends and / or other children in the family, your task as a supervisor and a fundamental part in the resolution of the conflict will be much easier. Observe the children carefully and eliminate those causes that generate the conflict, which surely have to do with toys or other objects around them.

This impatience and lack of generosity is very common in childhood, and both can be increased when the boy or girl in question is seen in large groups and, above all, of children who do not know much or nothing, degenerating from this mode in possible chapters and scenes of violence. The park is an environment in which this type of behavior can occur more easily, that is why it is important to accustom children to these environments on a daily basis, so that they can gain confidence with other children and establish bonds of mutual security, tolerance and amiability.

It is important that we show our children that they are not alone in the world, that no one is, and that we all have the same rights. This is the need to cultivate and develop the power of empathy , because few things in life will ever be so useful to us.

Showing the little ones that solving conflicts is possible, as well as doing it without violence, will open the way to life, respect and friendship.

Hi. I have a 6-year-old girl with attention problems, what worries me is what I have to do so that she no longer hits her classmates, she passes by, gives them a sape, throws them, goes through the places and throws things at them , I have talked with her, with her mother and everything remains the same.
Starting with the mother who does not accept that the girl needs special attention. What do you advise me?

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