Spain is one of the countries in the world where people read the least, which is a social problem of some importance, especially in the rates of school failure and drop-out. That is why education systems try to implement plans to promote reading for children and adults through programs and incentives.

Reading is essential to develop as individuals, as it forges our capacity to a certain degree, helps us to socialize and even gives us the knowledge we need to be productive and skilled in many different tasks. That is why it is so important that citizens are helped from childhood to value reading as it deserves. By taking into account some strategies for reading from an early age, we will get adults who read more and better, and the educational and intellectual level in general will improve markedly.
fomentar la lectura en niños

Some tips to encourage reading

Much is said about how to encourage reading in children, but it is not enough just to implement plans and incentives with which to attract children to books. From home you can help a lot for children to read and improve their comprehension. Here are some tips:

  • Be organized . When a child has his reading space well organized, he will feel much more encouraged to sit down and read.
  • One of the strategies to improve reading is to have a certain time in the day that you are going to read. If everything is left to chance or the desire is not reinforced, weeks will pass and hardly anything will have been read, so the taste for reading will probably not bear fruit.
  • Listen carefully. When a child asks a question or expresses an opinion, he is saying what he likes and motivates him. Knowing this can help you select the readings that are most enjoyable for you.
  • Set the example . Children acquire most habits from what they see their elders do. That is why it is so important that parents have the habit of reading, and that they do so in front of their children. On many occasions, reading parents is where children come from who read more and learn to do so earlier.
  • Respect the choices . Instead of imposing readings, it is good to give suggestions and respect the readings they prefer based on their age and evolution, and within normal surveillance conditions.

Benefits of reading

It will be useless to impose reading strategies for children if they do not understand the benefits they can bring them. For this reason, it is important to reinforce the idea of achievement that is achieved when books are used, for example in carrying out tasks or talking about what has been read.

It has been found that households in which reading is encouraged from an early age have very high school success rates and even a high probability of pursuing higher education.

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