How to equip children with responsibility at home

In a world in which we see how people work daily for equality and for family reconciliation, it is tremendously important to raise awareness about the measures we must take so that, in the future, our children do not make the same mistakes and live in a world parity.

Work-life balance is an issue that worries many families, since the need or interest on the part of both parents in the world of work prevents us from enjoying as much time as we would like with our little ones. But this not only affects the lack of timeshare, but also the solutions that we must look for to solve this lack of time and that affects, at the same time, the least possible on the children.


Lack of time and housework

The lack of time that occurs in the family, as a result of work and the long working hours that normally occur, means that there is not enough time to carry out the tasks that are happening in a home every day. The collaboration, therefore, of all family members, can greatly alleviate the burden and, at the same time, serve to reinforce the bonds of union and commitment of the family as a group.


Introduce children to housework

The involvement of the smallest of the house in carrying out the tasks that are presented daily in a home, is essential to raise and educate our children in responsibility: with ours and with our environment. It is not about saturating children with absurd activities and tasks that can exhaust and / or overcome them, but about encouraging them to do small daily things such as picking up their toys, putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket, helping to put on and take off the table … etc. Carrying out these simple tasks will make them feel like authentic responsible members of the family nucleus, with rights and obligations and, without a doubt, it will help them to be members of a future in which no one is questioning who the important ones belong to. and sometimes exhausting, home chores.

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