Children are naturally curious, and their energy is, precisely, responsible many times for their concentration problems . Their way of reasoning and dealing with the world is completely different, and that means that, as adults, we often do not understand their behaviors.

When the task they are given is not fun they quickly get bored and quickly turn their attention to something new that seems even more interesting at that moment. Young children are not aware of the need that exists, many times, to have to complete the tasks we undertake, and hence their changing attitude.

Fortunately, there are methods that help improve children’s concentration in an easy and simple way. One of the best known methods in favor of concentration is known as the Guillour method.

What is the Guillour method?

The Guillour method consists of carrying out a series of exercises that are structured around strokes and lines. Children with whom you want to work on concentration should review or imitate these lines and strokes by looking at the image through a mirror. The dynamics of this method allows working concepts such as symmetry or space in a relatively simple way.


Benefits of the Guillour method

  • Improve children’s observation ability.
  • Improves attention and concentration capacity.
  • It promotes creativity and strengthens the imagination.
  • Increases self-esteem and interpersonal relationships.
  • Develop thinking strategies for problem solving.
  • Calm anxiety.
  • Increases school performance.


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Who is the Guillour method beneficial for?

This method is highly recommended for children with ADHD (Attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity), as well as in patients who, for example, have suffered some type of brain injury .

In addition, many specialists in the field claim that this method can actually be beneficial for anyone who wants or needs to improve their ability to concentrate, both children and adults.


From what age is this method recommended?

The stimulation associated with learning is always recommended and, especially when it is perceived that it is really necessary as in cases of ADHD, it is good to start applying it as soon as possible. In other words, when a learning difficulty is detected, we must start working as soon as possible to obtain good results.


Anyone can suffer from attention and concentration problems, so it is very interesting to know methods, such as the Guillour Method, to learn to overcome our limitations in a simple and enjoyable way.

Highly recommended!

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I think it is a very good method, I wonder this is applicable to all children, since each child has their own development.

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